Team Spotlight: Team FC

Team Spotlight: Team FC

When these three women come together for a cause, there's nothing stopping them.

October 31st, 2023  |  Victoria Rouse

Meet Simone, Andrea, and Susan – the leaders of Team FC.

These women have known each other for almost 24 years and are neighbors and friends. Both Simone and Andrea are being treated for breast cancer at the UW Carbone Cancer Center. And Susan has the BRCA gene and has been in the care of UW Carbone Cancer Center for many years. Participating and fundraising for Badger Challenge gave them a way to bring their community together to help give back to the doctors, nurses, staff, and researchers with whom they’ve received their care.

“The moment I rang the bell at the Carbone Cancer Center, which marked the end of radiation after chemotherapy and two surgeries, I felt exhausted and relieved and all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole- but I was soooo grateful to all the phenomenal doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, schedulers and secretaries, that I wanted to do something bigger than buying my favorite chocolates for them.” – Simone

While going through treatment this year, Simone decided to create Team FC. Leading the team during her treatment empowered her, distracted her, and inspired her. Andrea and Susan were quick to join and support the team efforts. They want to see a future with a cure so their children don’t have to go through what they’ve been through. Susan knew her support meant that if Simone or Andrea didn’t have the energy or they were hospitalized that she was the healthy abled one to keep the efforts going and could show up at Badger Challenge to represent the team.

“I was not able to participate on Sunday, September 24. I am very proud of my friends for representing the team. It made us all feel strong and proud to do something together to support the Carbone Cancer Center. I am sad for all that we have been through. We have had some incredibly challenging times during our treatment when we felt awful. There were times that I didn’t think I would make it through the treatment. I feel happy to be at a stronger place now.” – Andrea

“Feeling the community support [at Badger Challenge] was amazing. To be part of a collective united to do good was amazing. Seeing the pain, the grief, the empathy on people’s faces was really healing. I was struck by feeling that I had something in common with thousands of people, something that brought all of us to one place for one purpose. I felt I could talk to anyone there – and we knew we shared a goal. That felt great.” – Susan

Team FC is currently the top fundraising team for Badger Challenge 2023. They were a motivated group who wanted to give back and their community showed up and showed their support. They invited about 300 people to join their team and they said the response was overwhelming. Everyone has some connection to cancer, and by reaching out to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors – that became even more evident when they all showed their support for Team FC. They had set a goal to raise $18,000 and communicated this with their network. They had surpassed that goal and when they were just $3 short of $25,000….a college student said, “well I can do that!” Every penny helped them reach their goal.


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