Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Awarded $25,000 Ride Scholarship

Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Awarded $25,000 Ride Scholarship

January 25th, 2017  |  Rob Kelly

Understanding the unique molecular “fingerprint” of a patient’s tumor could lead to more effective, personalized cancer treatments. Genomic tests can provide detailed information about a patient’s tumor, but using this information to help patients remains a challenge. This is where the Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board (PMMTB) can often help.

The PMMTB is a team of doctors and scientists from the UW Carbone Cancer Center and regional medical centers that reviews complex cancer cases with referring physicians. The group analyzes the patients’ tumors and offers potential recommendations for individualized treatments. These recommendations may include new clinical trials opportunities.

The PMMTB also tracks patient outcomes to improve treatment recommendations for current and future patients.

The PMMTB was recently awarded $25,000 from The Ride, a bicycling fundraiser for cancer research at the University of Wisconsin.

“This generous support will help us reach more patients with advanced cancer in the state,” says Mark Burkard, Molecular Tumor Board co-director and physician-scientist at the UW Carbone Cancer Center. “It will also help us improve our ability to share data and collaborate with national and international leaders in cancer genomics to develop and implement precision oncology in Wisconsin.”

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